Sandal life hacks

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Your Rarámuris are built to travel, so in all likelihood, they will get pretty dirty. Don’t worry, we thought of that.

5 hacks to extend the life of your sandals

  1. Think quality first

The most effective way of making sure your sandals last longer is to invest in them in the first place.

  1. Use a protector

Before use, spray your sandals with a protector for long-term protection.
TIP: we are selling these sprays on our webshop!

  1. Clean them

Remove the ribbons and wipe the sole and upper of your sandal with a damp, soft cloth.

  1. Wash but don’t tumble dry!

Throw your ribbons in the washing machine and wash them at 30 degrees. Do NOT tumble dry, but air dry your ribbons.

  1. Store in a dry place

Shoes + moisture = bad. Find a place that is dry for your sandals to sleep at night.

Treat your sandals with love. Because they only deserve the best! ❤️


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