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Inspired by the resilience and unity with nature of the indigenous tribes in the Tarahumara region of Mexico, Rarámuri was born. It’s so important to support charities and help those in need. We’re incredibly happy and proud that we can work together with Fundación Tarahumara José A. Llaguno, A. B. P. Time to get to know them a little better.

Below you can read an inspiring interview with Ricardo, the kindest man ever and responsible of donations and communication within the foundation.

When and why did you start the charity?

We are born from the vision and humanistic work of Bishop José A. Llaguno, who lived and worked in the Sierra Tarahumara, located in northern Mexico, for forty years (from 1952 to 1992) dedicating himself to promoting the rights of indigenous communities and improve their living conditions. We were established as a Foundation on November 18 of 1992 by the brothers of the bishop José Alberto Llaguno, who sought to honor the memory of their deceased brother and continue their work of support to the inhabitants of the Sierra Tarahumara.

We were established as a Foundation with the purpose of continuing to promote the development of the region under the mission of: “being a promotion organization that channels economic, technological and human resources to accompany the communities of the Sierra Tarahumara in their own development, in the areas of education, nutrition and health”.

For 29 years we have provided development opportunities to indigenous communities and people of the Sierra Tarahumara, an area of ​​greatest poverty and marginalization in the country.

What are your greatest achievements to date?

  • EDUCATIONAL CONTINUITY IN THE FACE OF THE PANDEMIC: It was possible to contribute to educational continuity, the decrease in school drop-outs, food safety and health monitoring in the face of the Covid -19 pandemic.
  • WATER SAFETY: The construction of 21 masonry dams was achieved, which helped storage: 19,677,799 liters of water that benefited more than 804 people from 187 families.
  • UNIVERSITY LIFE: To achieve the inclusion of young indigenous students in university life, the continuity of their studies and the end of a university career so that they can be agents of change in their families and communities.

What problems and challenges do you face?

In the Sierra there are 8 of the 20 municipalities with the greatest poverty and marginalization in the country.

In Mexico 6.1 million children do not attend school, at the national level the municipalities.

The over-exploitation of natural resources and indiscriminate logging have left as a result an eroded land that does not retain the little rain, so the harvests are insufficient and the lack of water and food is a constant.

The inequality experienced by the original communities of the Sierra Tarahumara (ST). It derives from a complex set of conditions. One of them is the lack of equity in access to inclusive education for indigenous youth.

Do you get enough support?

The organization has a strategic planning and an institutional objective that has to do with the issue of financing and mobilization of resources, through which it seeks to maintain the financial strength that allows achieving the results and annual goals set.

We have an individual donor base that represents 30% of recurring income, 45% of income through national and international foundations, 20% of income through events, campaigns and collections, and 5% of income through donations of companies. We have an estimated annual income budget and planning by objectives.

What have you been able to achieve with the support provided by us, Rarámuri?

Achieve the continuity of the University Life program to benefit 112 students for their admission to the university, continuity of their studies, support in their academic activities and to generate skills that reduce the educational gap and can finish their degree and qualify as professionals.

What do you think of our organization?

We consider it to be an organization with great values ​​of equality and a humanitarian sense, also concerned about the care and preservation of the environment and with a social sense for the development of indigenous people and communities.

We consider your donations as a way of making known to the world part of the culture of one of the ethnic groups of Mexico, people who live in the mountains, and who are always with open hands for those who visit them… It is a nice tribute so other people can be interested and know more about them.



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