Our travel essentials checklist

Totally ready to go on vacation but having trouble packing everything? We got your back! With this handy checklist, packing has never been easier. Get rid of the stress & download it now!


Of course, the most important things are listed first, so make this part of the checklist your priority. Once you’ve packed all these items, you’re completely ready to go. Whether you’re travelling by plane or car, you’ll always need your passport and suchlike. 


Wanna able to capture your most beautiful moments? Then don’t forget this part of the checklist: essentials for the best photos, how to remain accessible and look up everything online, etc.


To make the journey more enjoyable, you can always take some nice extras with you. We’ve already written down a couple of them for you.


Hopefully you won’t need it, but better be prepared. Take a small bag with you that’s filled with everything for your health. Well begun is half done!


Everyone has their own way of packing. Do you like to pack all your clothes in advance and then spend hours deciding which ones you’re really going to take, or do you pack your suitcase at a very short notice? With our checklist, you won’t forget anything! Ready to pack & leave?

Ps: Don’t have a pair of ribbon sandals or slides yet? Well, now’s the perfect time!


A long list but very important to pack. Everything about hygiene, make-up, etc, you’ll find it in here.


Before you leave, there are always a few important things to remember. Once you’ve completed these items, you’re ready for a worry-free vacation.

Enjoy your trip xoxo


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