Rarámuri Sandals part of Van Riet Design BVBA grants you access to www.raramurisandals.com (hereafter: the Website) and publicizes texts, images, products and other materials on the Website. Rarámuri Sandals maintains law for adjusting the content on the Website at any time and/or to remove items without letting you know.

Rarámuri Sandals makes efforts to actualize and/or amplify the content of the Website, but has no commitment here for. The information on the Website will be offered to you without any form of guarantee for or claim to correctness.In particular, all prices on the Website are subject of obvious typing and programming errors. Rarámuri Sandals is not liable for consequences of such errors. There will be no agreement based on such errors.

Rarámuri Sandals is not liable for damage of any kind, which is caused by the use of (information on) the Website. Besides that, Rarámuri Sandals is not liable for the unavailability of the Website as a result of a malfunction. Also, Rarámuri Sandals is not liable for malfunctions of networks of others by means of which the access for the Website is obtained. While Rarámuri Sandals makes effort to prevent abuse, Rarámuri Sandals is not liable for information and/or messages which are written by users of the Website and are placed on the Website. 

Rarámuri Sandals does not perform editorial control or supervision on the Website, but complaints will be taken very seriously and when appropriate, Rarámuri Sandals will intervene.   

The Website contains hyperlinks to websites of others. Rarámuri Sandals is not liable for the content of these websites. For the hyperlinks to websites or services of others which are placed on the Website, Rarámuri Sandals is not liable. 

Concluding Rarámuri Sandals rules out all reliability to any direct or in-direct damage, of any kind, which may emerge out or connects in any way with the website.

The website and all its aspects, with exception to any hyperlinks to third parties, are owned by Rarámuri Sandals All intellectual property rights concerning the website and all its aspects, acquiesce in Rarámuri Sandals, for as long these rights are not to be deposited the third party. Without any permission from Rarámuri Sandals in written form, it is not permitted to publish, reveal, duplicate, save or sale the website or any content of the website in any form available.

For any further questions related tot his disclaimer, please contact Rarámuri Sandals.

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