Our collab with Sustainable Fashion Gift Card ✨

Great news! Since today you can find us on the ‘Sustainable Fashion Gift Card’ website. Do you want to give your friends, family or yourself a sustainable gift? Then this is the perfect opportunity! Find out what our collaboration exactly entails.

What is the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card?

The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card, launched on April 20, 2020, is the world’s first fashion gift card focused on sustainability that you can redeem online and offline at brands, stores, experiences, fashion rental and vintage stores. With the SFGC, you’ll discover a world of beautiful fashion that is good.

Why is there a Sustainable Fashion Gift Card?

No one should have to hesitate about a good gift.

Over half of the people think it is important that their clothes are sustainable, but only 14% actually try to wear sustainable clothes. SFGC wants to bridge this gap. With the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card it becomes easy to give a beautiful and good fashion gift. With the gift card you support the fashion revolution that is needed to make the fashion industry more sustainable, and at the same time you invest in fashion pioneers who work every day for a better fashion industry.

How exactly does the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card work?

Go to the SFGC website and buy a gift card with a value of your choice. Then choose at which fashion pioneers you want to redeem your gift card. Do you want to spend part or all of your giftcard with us? Great! Then you will receive a unique discount code by mail. You can add this code to your shopping cart in our webshop!

Good to know: You do not have to spend the SFGC in one go. You can exchange your SFGC of for example 50 euros for a Rarámuri code of 20 euros. The remaining 30 euros will then remain on your SFGC.

Why are we affiliated with the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card?

We immediately believed in the concept. Not only can the gift card give a financial boost to the sustainable fashion industry, but above all it gives people a transparent and reliable image of this sector. All brands that are part of the SFGC are carefully screened. So no greenwashing! We are proud to be part of a network full of creative and innovative fashion brands.


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