Our charity

For each pair of shoes sold, we’re proud to say that we’re donating to Fundación Tarahumara José A. Llaguno, A. B. P. 
This amazing human movement has reduced poverty and social exclusion of indigenous communities in the Tarahumara Mountain Range
in Northern Mexico through 3 programs.


By helping young people complete their studies, the social capital in the region is reinforced.

Currently, the program supports 580 young people.

Water safety

The Bawí Rarámuri program seeks to increase the availability of water for human and agricultural consumption.

Each year they work on about 20 projects, benefiting more than 1,000 people.

Food safety

Thanks to monthly food supplements, the prevalence of malnutrition among children age 5 and under is being reduced. 

Currently, they’re working with more than 6,000 children in over 400 communities in the Sierra Tarahumara.

Our inspiration

As we’re inspired by the beautiful Rarámuri who are still practicing a traditional lifestyle in the high sierras of Mexico, our aim is to give back to them.

We started this company with enormous respect for the Rarámuri.
The heart of ‘our’ Rarámuri lies with the Rarámuri in Mexico, so it’s important for us to improve their quality of life.

You are making a difference!

Previous projects

Planting trees

Honouring the Rarámuri’s creation story, we loved to give something back to Mother Earth, by planting our own seeds.

In the last 3 years, we’ve planted more than 3,500 trees around the world, accounting for a whopping 44,192.77 m² of forest.

44,192.77 m² of forest. That’s no less than 746,19 tonnes of CO2 or the consumption of a car that drives around for 58.925 days!

Thousand Girls Initiative

While traveling through Latin America, Edel found joy in teaching children in Guatemala. Back home, he wanted to continue supporting education, and especially for girls.

The Thousand Girls Iniative helps to empower a new generation of educated Guatemalan women, who often don’t get the chance to study (as opposed to men). During its first 2 years of existence, Rarámuri donated $2281, good for 1 year of education for 5 girls. That’s 5 girls in poverty that we helped to graduate & empower! 

We were able to do all of this thanks to your help! THANK YOU

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