How to summer-proof your feet

The sunny summer months are finally here! Warmer weather is moving in and winter boots are being swapped out for summer sandals. Are your feet ready to be shown off for the season? From simply swiping on a coat of nail polish to treating yourself to a new pair of trendy sandals, we’re sharing our tips to help you summer-proof your feet!


A fresh pedicure is the perfect way to start the summer season off right. You’ll feel confident wearing sandals and your feet will thank you. Plus, once your feet are looking good, all you have to do is keep them fresh with some simple upkeep.


A little at-home foot scrub never hurt anyone! If a pedicure isn’t your thing, or you’re looking to spend your money elsewhere (like on new sandals), you can exfoliate regularly to keep your feet feeling soft and fresh.


Going right along with exfoliation, moisturizing your feet is also important to get sandal-ready for the summer. There are specific foot creams and lotions available if you need extra hydration, but any lotion will do! Don’t be caught with dry, cracked feet this summer.


Long day on your feet? A foot soak can work wonders for sore feet! You can even add essential oils or Epsom salt for the ultimate relaxing experience. A foot soak is a great way to add self-care into your routine and get soft summer-ready feet at the same time.


No matter how you choose to treat your feet, the goal is for them to look their best. Do you keep looking down and cringing at the sight of your chipped toenail polish? Give your nails a fresh coat of paint! Or maybe you need a new look, some new summer footwear. A new pair of sandals will get you excited for the season while ensuring your feet look their absolute best.


A great way to keep your feet happy and healthy is to mix up your shoes rather than wearing the same pair daily. So you might have to treat yourself to a pair, or a few pairs, of new sandals for the summer. Why not try a pair of Rarámuri Sandals? Browse through our ribbon sandals and pick out a pair, or a few pairs! You know, for the health of your feet.

Whether you’re looking for slides or ribbon sandals, we have the perfect pair to help you get ready for the summer. Step into a new journey and scroll through our collection to summer-proof your feet!


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