Green is the new black


Black Friday, a symbol of hyper-consumption, overproduction and pollution. As a sustainable fashion brand, we can’t support this. Let’s make Friday green instead!

5 ways to have a Green Friday

  1. Get outside
    Science shows this is very de-stressing and extremely good for our health.
  2. Spend time with your bubble
    Technology and consumerism can easily leave us feeling isolated or unfulfilled. Meet up with your bubble instead!
  3. Support a good cause
    Give time to something outside yourself. You could volunteer, gather supplies for someone, share your skills, etc.
  4. Get active
    If you’re heading to work or anywhere else – perhaps take the bike or jog.
  5. Raise awareness
    Spread the word about Green Friday. Your simple actions can really make a difference in creating a better world!
Geen Black Friday maar Green Friday: Dille & Kamille kiest voor bomen in  plaats van korting!

Ps, we’re working on a brand new, very green product. A tip is hidden in this blogpost!


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