A look behind the scenes of our ribbon production

Have you ever wondered how our ribbons are made? In this blog post, we’ll give you a look behind the scenes of KUNNIG, our social workshop in Antwerp, Belgium.

At KUNNIG, our original Rarámuri ribbons are made. But just before, the ribbons are cut to the perfect width for ultimate comfort. More specifically, suede ribbons are cut at 2.5 cm width, velvet ribbons at 3 cm and elegance ribbons at 5 cm width. They’re then shipped to KUNNIG on large rolls. In the entire production process 2 values are very important, namely local production and social wealth

Time to give our social workshop a little extra exposure. Curious what they do for us? Scroll down a bit!

How it’s made

Step 1: Cutting

This is where it all starts. The ribbons arriving at KUNNIG may have the right width, but not yet the right length. Therefore, they’re precisely cut to a length of 160 cm. This is the ideal length for creatively tying your sandal the way you want!

Step 2: Stitching (only elegance & velvet ribbons)

Elegance ribbons

Thanks to this step, our elegance ribbons have an elegant and refined look. First, the workers at KUNNIG make sure our elegance ribbons have a nicely finished edge so they don’t unravel after cutting. Afterwards, a leather name tag with “Rarámuri” is stitched on.

Velvet ribbons

Stitching the velvet ribbons is a little easier. The fabric is folded into 2, stitched all the way around and done! Moving on to the final step.

Step 3: Rolling

We send our ribbons to you on a sunny cardboard, so they’re easy to store after use, but of course these don’t roll themselves. The people at KUNNIG lovingly roll them onto the cards to prep them for shipping! 


KUNNIG is located in the port of Antwerp. Here, a large team of employees, who are distanced from the employment market, are given a chance to be part of the working society. They approach each project with professionalism. That’s exactly why we think it’s a fantastic organization to work with!

Ps, have you noticed that these are all new ribbons? Good news! They’re now for sale!


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